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P&H Sea Kayaks

‘Setting the standard for over 50 years’

Founded in 1968, P&H have enjoyed a reputation for well made, stylish kayaks for over 50 years. The current Sea Kayak models available are:

Volan MV

At 16′ long, the Volan MV suits paddlers between 55-120kg and comes with 4 construction options:

Performance Kevlar / Diolen
Expedition Diolen
Lightweight Kevlar / Carbon Infusion
Expedition Kevlar / Carbon Infusion

This lightweight, versatile kayak is great for either day or weekend trips. Tracking really well in a straight line, the Volan’s shorter length gives good speed and a comfortable paddle on any distance trip.

With the bow volume and rocker keeping you dry in a variety of conditions, with water shed efficiently from the boat. Coming with a day hatch, plus larger bow and stern hatch, you have plenty of room for all your kit, and an additional bow mini hatch can be ordered as an optional extra.

The low rear deck profile makes self rescues and rolling easy, with full deck lines and elastics ensuring you have all the options of a larger sea kayak.


The shorter Virgo comes in at 14’5 long, to suit paddlers up to 100kg in weight and with the option of 4 constructions:

MZ3 Skeg (Rope & Cleat)
MZ3 Skudder (Rope & Cleat)
CoreLite X Skeg (MKII Skeg Slider)
CoreLite x Skudder (MKII Skeg Slider)

Versatility is the key with the Virgo, making it a great paddle for day or moderate weekend trips. Constructed from Corelite X, the hull speed is not compromised here and the boat is a lot easier to lift on and off the car if travelling on your own.

A great option for coastal trips and exploration, with good stability in slight conditions. The moderate rocker lets you pick up speed and turn efficiently. The back deck is low and flat, making self rescues and rolls easy to perform.

The Virgo comes with a main stern hatch and Bulkhead bow hatch, both with the reliable KajakSport hatch lids we have come to expect from P&H. There’s a recess for your split paddles and full deck lines. A good all round boat allowing you to take that step from a hobby to something more adventurous.


Made from Corelite X and at 17’8 with a suitability for paddlers up to 115kg, the Valkyrie offers a great option for a full size sea kayak and is designed for speed.

Whether you want to plan an open crossing or full expedition, the Valkyrie, with its narrow, vertical bow, will slice through the water in a variety of conditions. This model offers you efficient paddling and the increased bow hatch volume and more engaged hull works well in windy conditions.

The low volume back deck makes re entry and rolling easy to perform and the boat comes with the built in fittings to allow for the installation of the P&H Kayak Sail System.

Cetus LV/MV/HV

The Cetus Sea Kayak range comes in a variety of construction materials to suit all your adventure needs and with 3 volumes to suit all paddlers:

Performance Kevlar / Diolen
Expedition Diolen
Lightweight Kevlar / Carbon Infusion
Expedition Kevlar / Carbon Infusion

This fantastic range is aimed directly for the expedition market. The Cetus tracks well, making it a comfortable and easy distance paddle due to its rounded chines and the smooth transition into a slender bow and stern. The V shaped hull cuts through any conditions whilst maintaining great stability.

With 4 versatile hatches, you have plenty of room for all your kit, whether you are out for a day trip or on an expedition for a few weeks. The capacity does not come at a cost to performance or stability.

With three volumes available, P&H have an option to suit all paddlers, making sure each enjoys a perfect fit and a responsive ride. The various options are:

LV: 17’5, for paddlers up to 105kg;

MV: 17’9, for paddlers up to 115kg;

HV: 18’3, for paddlers up to 140kg;

Scorpio II LV/MV/HV

Designed with the modern sea kayaker in mind, the versatility of the Scorpio range offers something for every paddler.

Constructed from CoreLite X and with the option of Skeg or Skudder models, the Scorpio mirrors the streamlined V shaped hull of the Cetus. Offering great stability and tracking, the Scorpio is at home on any water conditions. Whether you’re looking for a great day trip around the coast or open crossings and a longer expedition, the Scorpio will not leave you wanting.

The slim bow design and low back deck make self rescues and rolls easy to perform, with no limitations on the strength of the full deck lines down each side. With mouldings for your split paddles, compass, plus a kayak sail mast foot kit mould, the Virgo ensures you can build up your kit with no loss of space, making the bow clean, efficient and accommodating.

With 2 large hatches on the bow and stern, plus 2 well positioned day hatches, you have ample room for all you kit, with no loss of manoeuvrability or handling in the water.

The Scorpio comes in 3 Volume options, making them a great choice for all paddlers:

LV: 16’8, for the lighter paddler up to 110kg;

MV: 17’3, suitable for paddlers up to 125kg;

HV: 17’7, for paddlers up to 135kg;

Delphin 150/II 155

The Delphin offers a unique platform for paddlers more at home on white water and in river boats to still get the excitement and connectivity in a longer boat. The same can be said for sea kayakers, looking for a robust and fun boat to play in the waves.

With the cockpit of the Delphin located further back than most sea kayaks, the bow rides just on the surface of the water, making it quick and easy to manoeuvre on even the larger waves. The water is shed quickly from the deck and the slightly softer stern ensures you cut through the surf easily on each turn.

This dynamic design really gives you the best of both worlds, whether you’re dreaming of a fun day on the surf or a steady coastal trip and rock hopping.

With a selection of constructions and two size options, you still have plenty of choice:

Delphin 150: CoreLite X construction; 15′ long and suitable for paddlers up to 105kg;

Delphin II 155: CoreLite X construction; 15’7 for paddlers up to 125kg

Aries 150/155

The Aries takes everything good about the dynamic design of the Delphin and enforces it with the beautiful composite construction options afforded the high end sea kayak market.

With four options available:

Performance Kevlar / Diolen
Expedition Diolen
Lightweight Kevlar / Carbon Infusion
Expedition Kevlar / Carbon Infusion

Plus two size options:

Aries 150: Length 15’3 for lighter paddlers up to 105kg;

Aries 155: Length 15’7 for paddlers up to 125kg;

The advanced composite material makes the Aries come alive in the surf and waves for a truly exciting paddle. The planing hull and high volume bow make this boat super responsive and agile at every turn, while the squared off stern, like the Delphin, make it track well and punch through the waves for that next wide.

The Aries are a fun and high quality design, whether you want to go rock hopping or enjoy some surf action along the coast line. This dynamic ride will leave you yearning for more action.

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